China launches Red Microblog, a Twitter Communist version

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China launches its own microblogging service called Red Microblog and was said to be a Communist version of Twitter, in which the country’s local party Secretary Bo Xilai as among the top users, who took over the position three years ago.

As being believed to have been first published at Telegraph UK, Red Microblog is being managed by the local propaganda department in the central city of Chongqing.

Apparently, the local party secretary started a Communist campaign in Chongqing and advocating the residents to sing ‘red’ songs, read classical literature, and tell stories about the ‘Long March’ of Chairman Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung).

The launch of Red Microblog was reported to be a response to a call from Li Changchun, Propaganda chief of China, for local governments to master new media.

However, there were few problems that still need to be solved, including its inaccessibility of new members to register on Wednesdays; reports said.

Meanwhile, below are some of the messages that can be read at Red Microblog with some quotes from the late Chairman Mao, as mentioned in Telegraph UK.

“The world is ours; we should work together.”

“Work hard, be honest and treat others well”

“There is no sky larger than the hand, no road longer than the feet, no mountain higher than the people, no sea wider than the heart.”

“Those who go with the flow are forever going up and down in the waves; only those who go against the wind fearing no hardship, can reach the other side fast.”

China is currently blocking Twitter, but around 75 million microbloggers were said to have been engaged in various microblogging sites.

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