China ignites tension as Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Prize 2010 for Peace

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Liu Xiaobo wins the Nobel Prize 2010 for Peace award today, but China seems to ignite tension against the Nobel committee, international news said.

Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident, is now serving an 11-year imprisonment by the Chinese government for an alleged inciting subversion, and was given the sentence last December, reports say.

According to the Nobel committee, Liu Xiaobo was awarded for his “long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.”

However, the government of China reportedly accused the Norwegian Nobel Committee for violating its own principles by honoring ‘a criminal’.

There were also reports that Chinese state media promptly made news black-out about this news, and the government blocked websites that have reports about the Nobel Prize.

Earlier, the Chinese foreign minister was reported to have warned the Nobel committee not to award Liu Xiaobo since it might affect the relationship between Norway and China.

“This person (Liu Xiaobo) was sentenced to jail because he violated Chinese law,” the foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu reportedly told a news briefing in Beijing.

In 1989, Liu was said to have served two years in prison for his role in the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests that year.

Later, he also spent another three years in a prison camp for speaking out against China‘s one-party system.

Meanwhile, Liu Xia, Lui’s wife told CNN said she cannot wait to visit him in prison and tell him the news.

“I am totally shocked and feel so happy, I’ve never dreamed about this”. She said.

“Friends have asked me to prepare for a speech, but I’ve only prepared one for Xiaobo not winning the prize.” Liu Xia added.

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