China Coal Mine Gas Leak Update: 31 miners dead, 6 workers still trapped

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The China state media Xinhua has reported a total of 31 fatalities in the coal mine gas leak in central China. Six miners are still trapped inside the mine, but there is now a very slim chance of their survival.

While 276 miners are working underground, a gas leak occurred in Henan province. There are 239 miners who have managed to escape the gas leaked mine.

Rescue efforts on the site has been hampered by 2,500 metric tons of coal dust smothered the pit after the gas leak, hampering efforts to reach the miners, said Du Bo, deputy chief of the rescue headquarters.

Early Investigations conducted have shown that 173,500 cubic meters of gas leaked out. Last August 2008, the same mine killed 23 workers when an explosion occurred.

China has a reputation of having one of the world’s deadliest records for miners. The poor safety standards of China‘s mines have contributed to thousands of deaths each year.

In its effort to prevent fatalities and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, China announced the closure of 1,355 small coal mines. The move by the Chinese authorities is part of a larger plan of restructuring the whole China mining industry. The National Energy Administration is spearheading the campaign to prevent deadly accidents and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. – Image credit: CNN

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