China censors CNN and BBC as Nobel Peace Prize ceremony 2010 shown live on TV

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Updated December 11, 2010 5:39 p.m. – No representative from the Philippines attended the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

China censors the broadcast of CNN and BBC since Thursday, one day before the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway awarding Liu Xiaobo, according to international news sites on Friday.

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was shown live on TV on foreign news such as CNN and BBC on Friday, where an empty chair received the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 award for Liu Xiaobo.

Apparently, the Chinese government also blocked other foreign news and websites that report about Liu Xiaobo, who is currently serving an 11-year imprisonment for alleged subversion charges against China.

China was said to have earlier blocked international news such as CNN and BBC every time a news broadcast sensitive topics such as politics.

Earlier, 45 countries was reported to have informed the Nobel committee that a representative of their country will attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, while 19 others announced that they will not.

Countries that decided not to send their representatives to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony include China, Vietnam, Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, and the Philippines, among others.

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