China Aircraft Carrier: China Lands Fighter Jet On Their First Aircraft Carrier

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A fighter jet has successfully landed on China‘s first aircraft carrier, international news sites reported on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

According to reports, the jet is a Chinese-made J-15 fighter jet. It landed successfully on the Liaoning, a former Soviet carrier, during their recently conducted exercise.

The J-15 Fighter Jet
A carrier-borne J-15 fighter jet takes off from China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
Credit: AP Photo/ Xinhua, Zha Chunming

“The successful landing… has always been seen as a symbol of the operating combat capability for an aircraft carrier,” Zhang Junshe, a vice director at the military’s Naval Affairs Research Institute, reportedly told state television.

“This is a landmark event for China’s aircraft carrier… and (moves it) one step closer to combat readiness.”

Reports said that Liaoning, China‘s first aircraft carrier is not expected to be fully operational for at least another three years.

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