China’s Got Talent 2011: Uudam, Boy from Mongolia, Made Female Judge, Audience Cry with a Song “That Touched Their Souls” (Video)

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Uudam, (Wu Da Mu in Chinese,) a 12 year-old boy from Hulunbel, Mongolia has made the audience and the female judge in China’s Got Talent 2011, cry with his song and his story. Uudam sang “Mother in the Dream,” and had earned the “yeses” of the judges who admired his voice. One judge said Uudam’s song touched their souls. This was disclosed at YouTube, this month of June 2011.

When asked what his dream was he replied:

“My dream is to invent a kind of ink. When you drop that ink the world will turn green (grass).”

This earned applause from the audience.

Uudam lost his mother when he was 8 years old and had lost his father in an accident, as well. He said he sings the song whenever he misses his mother, “who is in heaven.”

Reportedly, many in the audience did not understand his Mongolian lyrics, but many were moved by Uudam’s beautiful voice and had cried while he was singing from the heart, out of love for his mother.

This is an excerpt of the touching lyrics of Uudam’s song:

“I hide on a silver bird in the dream flying in the sky….I dream you go there with bliss. Your son is coming and please wait there, mother.  Your son is coming over please wait for me.”

Uudam in China’s Got Talent (Chinese Version)
Video credit: ricchthefallenangel/YouTube

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