Chile Earthquake: Chile Hit By 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake, No Damage or Injuries Reported

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Chile Earthquake
Chile Earthquake
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A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Chile on Friday, several international sites reported. President Sebastian Piñera said that the earthquake was felt from Valparaiso, north of Santiago to the lake region in the south.

Thousands of people were reported to fled to higher ground. Phone service and electricity were disrupted. Government announced that there was no risk of a tsunami. No damage or injuries have been reported.

President Piñera praised his government and Chileans in general for quickly responding. “Today we’re better prepared. I think we’ve learned the lesson of Feb 27, 2010,” Piñera was quoted saying.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake happened in the early afternoon off the coast of central Chile. The epicenter was reported to be 45 kilometers north of Concepcion, Chile‘s second largest city.

The earthquake was said to be on the same spot as last year’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake which took hundreds of lives.

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