Chicago’s Election Website Crashed Due to High Internet Visitors

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Image Credit: Chicago Suntimes

Chicago’s election website did not anticipate the huge internet visitors on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The website crashed due to people looking for their polling place as well as election related news.

Langdon Neal, Chairman of the Chicago Board of Elections, was quoted saying that their site was redirected to State Board of Elections website while they are switching to a new server as reported by Chicago Suntimes, .

In addition 80 operators were also added on Tuesday morning in the election board’s “control room”. Callers were mainly related to confused voters and election judges reporting problems with voting machines

Redistricting affected about 20 percent of the registered voters, which leads to confusion of voters.

“I think the redistricting had a huge effect, even though we [communicated] to every single voter … and we’ve been talking about it for 30 days,” Neal said.

In addition, Neal acknowledges that they did not anticipate the volume of voters who will check the internet to find their polling place.

“I think we have done as much outreach as we can do,” he said. “Now that we see an increased use of technology by the voters [we’re looking into] having a more massive and robust internet system that can handle the tremendous load that we had. We’ve never had it before.”

Jim Allen, a spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections, said that they are doing their best to address the high-traffic situation which they never encountered before.

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