Chevy Volt Does Not Pose Greater Risk Of Fire – NHTSA

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Chevy Volt
Chevy Volt
Image Credit: General Motors

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statement dated January 20, 2012 on its website regarding the conclusion of its safety defect investigation into the post-crash fire risk of Chevy Volts.

According to reports, investigation was made by the NHTSA after a side-impact collision test on the Chevy Volt caused a fire three weeks after the test.

According to the press release, NHTSA found no evidence of a “defect trend” with the Chevy Volt and concluded that the recent changes done to the car by General Motors “reduce the potential for battery intrusion resulting from side impacts.”

“Based on the available data, NHTSA does not believe that Chevy Volts or other electric vehicles pose a greater risk of fire than gasoline-powered vehicles,” the press release said.

The NHTSA noted that there have not been any real-world battery-related fires with Chevy Volts.

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