CHCH Canada TV News broadcast interrupted by inappropriate content, apologizes to viewers

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CHCH TV, a broadcast TV station in Ontario, Canada, received tons of complaints after its cable morning news on Friday, April 20, 2012 was interrupted by an inappropriate content, which its officials later apologizing for the incident.

CHCH News Now Director Mike Katrycz
Image Credit: CHCH video

According to Canadian news sites that day, people watching CHCH TV‘s News Now were surprised when the screen went blank which was followed by the inappropriate scenes that lasted for about 3 minutes.

“At about 9:30 our broadcast signal was overrun briefly by inappropriate video – p0rn0graphy to be specific.” A statement reads at, emphasizing that (CTRC) Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is now investigating the incident, along with Shaw Cable.

“We’ve spent the day explaining to viewers and other news organizations who’ve been calling us, that CHCH had no role in airing that video; that it originated with one of the cable companies that distributes our signal.” CHCH added, noting that they publicly share the result of the investigation to be released once it is finished.

Apparently, reactions immediately followed on Twitter and Facebook, with tons of outraged comments particularly from those who watched it, with CHCH, owned by Channel Zero, explained its side through CHCH News Now Director Mike Katrycz, as shown in the video below.

“First of all, we would like to apologize to our viewers. This was a problem that originated, not at CHCH, but at a cable company.” Mr. Katrycz said on the video.

“Apparently some cable lines had been cut, and in the splicing back together some inappropriate content went to air. Again it was beyond the control of CHCH, but we do apologize to our viewers.” The CHCH TV official added, who told reports that the same video also appeared on air in Ottawa through a repeat CHCH transmitter, which gets its signal through another cable company.

CHCH News Now Director Mike Katrycz, apologizing for the inappropriate content shown on TV
Video Credit: CHCHTelevision/YouTube

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