Charlie Sheen Update: Controversial Actor Sheen Joins Twitter and Gets a Million Followers in a Day

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Charlie Sheen
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The controversial actor, Charlie Sheen, has earned an unprecedented million followers within a day, at Twitter, the social micro-blogging site. According to various business sites, March 4, Sheen can earn  easy money by advertising products through Twitter.

The Gullov-Singh Company has helped set up Sheen’s Twitter account and according to the company’s personnel, the payments per celebrity tweet could go as high as $25,000.

Sheen has been hugging the limelight recently with his tussle with the producers of the hit TV series “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen the lead star of the show, is reportedly earning $1 million per episode, making him  allegedly, the highest paid TV actor.

Two and a Half Men” was canceled because of what concerned persons claimed as the “erratic behavior” of Charlie Sheen. Specifically, the show was halted because Sheen had attacked publicly Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show.

Sheen has been battling addiction and has admitted to taking in alcohol to numb the pain of a hernia operation. Sheen suggested that Chuck Lorre should be fired and he reinstated in the “Two and a Half Men” TV show.

Advertisers may or may not want to cash in Charlie Sheen’s popularity over Twitter. This will depend upon their analysis of eventual earnings and their personal preferences. In the meantime, the unpaid milk advertisement of Sheen has been driving potential customers to the Farm Fresh Dairy owned by the Broguieres.

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