Charlie Sheen Number 1 in Social Media, Overthrows Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

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Charlie Sheen has been in the number 1 spot in the social media as revealed by international news sites, this month of March 2011.

The former lead star of “Two and a Half Men” is the buzz of social networking sites and online discussions and even search trends. Compared to other popular celebrity searches like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, the controversies surrounding Sheen continues to grow every day.

Even after weeks of boastful statements, insulting words and legal threats directed to his former bosses, demands for millions of dollars of payments and the resignation of his longtime publicist, people seem to be searching for more. Sheen was fired by Warner Bros, but he seem unaffected by this.

As the newest internet sensation, the 45-year old actor is not taking his jobless days in total despair. He started a web TV show entitled “Sheen’s Korner”. Although the actor initially admitted that the whole thing was “not organized”, few days after its launching, it has already hit millions of followers; viewers who may be fans or just those who are curious about Sheen.

By proving his gigantic popularity on Twitter and Facebook despite his so called troubled life, many analysts say he has the huge opportunity to make money out of his behavior and misfortunes. In fact, countless advertisers would like to jump to his fame.

One company reportedly paid a huge but undisclosed amount of money to Charlie Sheen. In return, the advertiser got more than 300,000 clicks. The latest sensation of the actor is the comic book featuring him “with Adonis DNA and Tiger blood”.

The 32-page comic profiles Charlie Sheen’s life which includes his recent outbursts and his drug fuelled parties. According to Daren Davis, president of Bluewater Productions Inc. of Vancouver, the comic book is due for release this summer which will sell for $3.99.

All these fuss came about after Charlie Sheen was fired from his television sitcom “Two and a Half Men” due to self-destructive conduct. His daily outbursts of emotions saying he is “winning” and everyone else is jealous of his life, of his money, women and drugs made an instant attention from the media.

This is a video of Sheen’s Korner uploaded by thelonius28721

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