Charice on Glee 2: Telephone duet with Lea Michele Spoof Video at You Tube

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The Charice on Glee 2 has been the talk of the town last week, and it was even a hot trend in Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.

Charice fans have been looking forward to see her in the future episodes of Glee Season 2, and Charice promised that Sunshine Corazon will be back, during an interview in a local TV News network.

But for the meantime, a lot of Charice fans have been creating their own spoof video of Charice duet Lea Michelle showdown singing Telephone in a ladies room.

Right now, these spoof videos at YouTube are selling like hot pancakes.

And mind you, not only Filipinos fans of Charice has been uploading their videos but also foreigners.

Here are some of them, and it’s up to you to choose which one is the best and funniest.

Charice on Glee 2 Telephone duet with Lea Michele Spoof Video

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