Cell Phone Ban Draws Mixed Reactions

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After the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) made a recommendation for a complete ban on cell phone use while driving, many people give different reactions, international news sites reported on December 14, 2011.

Cellphone Use While Driving

Using Cell Phone While Driving
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Some drivers fully support the recommendation. “For my sake I would support it, but I know there’s other people out there that wouldn’t support it, which is fine, they have their reason,” Dana Christiansen, a driver from Idaho was quoted as saying.

“I see too many people on their cell phone, not watching what they’re doing, not turning corners. Yea, some people are responsible, but some aren’t.” Annette Ziemer, a driver from Kewaunee explained to Fox Online.

Some drivers think that the use of hand-free devices should be allowed. “Maybe if they did like Washington State and California, where you can use Bluetooth and maybe other alternatives so you could possibly drive, just hands free maybe,” Natalie Celske from Idaho reportedly said.

“I use my blue-tooth all the time, it’s real convenient, you’re not holding it in your hand or anything,” Shawano resident Harvey Miller reportedly said.

Meanwhile, Delegate Cheryl Glenn was quoted saying by WBALTV that she does not believe a cell phone ban is realistic in any state.

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