Celine Dion admitted at St. Mary’s Medical Center to prevent early birth of twins

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Read Celine Dion gave birth to healthy twins but no names yet.

Celine Dion was admitted at St. Mary’s Medical Center, West Palm Beach, Florida to prevent early birth of twins, as announced by hospital officials.

The statement, which was released on Sunday and posted at WPBF, said the Titanic singer was admitted on their hospital as recommendation by the singer’s doctors.

This is to make sure that Celine Dion and her twins can be closely monitored as the delivery day is coming near, and the act was only common for mothers who will give birth to twins soon.

As the statement also said, ‘we are pleased that Ms. Dion and her husband Rene chose St. Mary’ s Medical Center as the place for her delivery’.

As of this writing, the hospital have not yet confirmed the exact date Celine Dion is set to give birth, and the rumors that she will undergo a C-section is not true.

As Celine’s Dion‘s husband and manager, René Angélil, said earlier, “There is nothing scheduled. We do not have a date.”

Meanwhile, St. Mary’s Medical Center also confirmed through their statement that Celine Dion is not asking for any special demands from the hospital and that the Canadian singer is being treated similar to other pregnant patients.

The hospital, however, admitted to have chosen to enhance security measure for all their patients even they have not been requested do so.

They are also asking the press and the entire public to respect the privacy of all their patients inside their hospital.

A few days back, Céline Dion was appointed as one of the four UN Goodwill Ambassadors against world hunger, during the celebration of World Food Day 2010.

The other appointed celebrities were Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon, Italian actor Raoul Bova, and Filipina singer-actress Lea Salonga.

Celion Dion did not attend the special event, but thanked the UN body through a video address.

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