Cecilia Thompson, Sarah Palin look alike meets the real one during her One Nation tour

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Cecilia Thompson, a professional comedienne and a Sarah Palin look alike, met the real Sarah Palin on her One Nation bus tour.

Sarah Palin and Cecilia Thompson
Image Credit: Steven Senne/AP

As noted at Daily Mail on Thursday, June 2, 2011, Sarah Palin met her look alike, Cecilia Thompson, when the former Alaska governor visited Old North Church in Boston.

Sarah Palin and Cecilia Thompson, who first met in 2009 during Sarah Palin’s book signing event in Colorado, hugged each other and even had a short amusing conversation.

Apparently, the real Sarah Palin was said to have offered Mrs. Thompson to be her press spokeswoman, as the Sarah Palin look alike even wore Palin’s signature red jacket.

Cecilia Thompson was known to have professionally copying Sarah Palin since 2008, when the latter announced that she will be Senator John McCain‘s presidential running mate.

“Oh my Gosh, I feel like I’m looking in the mirror!” Sarah Palin was quoted as saying at Cecilia Thompson’s official website, although the Palin’s double admitted that she has never been to Alaska.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin remains silent as to whether she will to run for president in 2011 or not, as her supporters are still urging her to run.

Nevertheless, some political analysts said they believe Palin will have a good fight against US President Barack Obama.

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