Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dance YouTube Video reached International Headlines

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While there are different opinions and negative reactions about the Cebu Pacific flight attendants dance video at YouTube, it is becoming more famous and even reached international headlines.

The ‘Just Dance’ dance song by Lady Gaga, which was used by the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific, has brought them to instant international fame.

At CNN, Vice President for Marketing and Distribution of Cebu Pacific Airlines Candice Iyog, was quoted as saying that ‘the safety demo dance rendition is just another way to bring out our fun culture and showcase our homegrown talents’.

“We do not compromise safety in anything we do, and it will remain our primary concern. We just really know how to have fun too,” Iyog added.

At Huffington Post, also a popular online news magazine in the US even made a poll asking their readers if the controversial safety dance demo should be for good or just go back to the traditional way of giving safety reminders to plane passengers.

At MailOnline, a famous British online newspaper, the post said that a link to the safety dance demo video was sent to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry by celebrity host Ryan Seacrest via Twitter.

Katy Perry‘s California Gurls was also performed by the flight attendants; along with a ‘voice-over’ that informs passengers what to do in case of an emergency landing.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from UK Civil Aviation Authority was quoted saying at Telegraph UK that ‘the general approach to safety announcements is that so long as the relevant information is imparted to passengers in an audible and understandable fashion’.

“Anything that gets more people to pay attention to this safety critical information is a positive thing as it could save their lives.” The spokesperson added.

Here is again the controversial video of the Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Safety Dance Demo, which is now enjoying more than 5 million views at You Tube.

While there are other international news sites that featured the safety dance video, it can be said that Cebu Pacific has been successful in their latest marketing strategy.

However, there were no confirmed reports yet that this safety dance demo will be for good.

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