Catch Me If You Can stunt: Frenchman arrested after he pretended to be a pilot in Philadelphia airport (Video)

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A so-called Catch Me If You Can stunt occurred recently in Philadelphia, when a Frenchman was pretended be a pilot and allegedly went into the cockpit of an airplane. But unlike Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie, Philippe Jernnard was arrested by local police. A CNN new video is available below.

fake pilot Philippe Jernnard

Philippe Jernnard, who pretended to be a pilot
Image Credit: CNN video

According to CNN today, Saturday, March 23, 2013, Philadelphia police said they immediately caught Philippe Jernnard, who earlier introduced himself as a pilot and managed to enter the cockpit of the US Airways flight plane at Philadelphia International Airport bound for West Palm Beach, Florida.

As noted in the report, Philadelphia Inspector Joseph Sullivan said that Jernnard, 61, is from La Rochelle, France and was changing planes to his final destination in West Palm Beach. The 61-year old Frenchman was spotted wearing a white shirt with an Air France logo and had a black jacket, appearing to be a pilot.

“He identified himself as a pilot and started to sit in the jump seat. But he immediately had a problem getting strapped in and it was obvious to the real pilots that he couldn’t be a pilot. He didn’t know what he was doing.” Sullivan told CNN, noting that Jernnard introduced himself as an Air France pilot.

Authorities noted that when the flight crew told Jernnard that he should fill up some forms, he could not show any evidence that he is a real pilot. The captain required him to leave the area, but he went wild and could not calm down. He was immediately escorted off the plane.

Air France spokesman Cedric Leurquin confirmed that Philippe Jernnard is not a certified pilot of their airlines, and local authorities noted that he is carrying false an identification card. As of this writing, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is doing a thorough investigation of the Catch Me If You Can stunt.

Report on Philippe Jernnard, who pretended to be a pilot
Video Credit: CNN

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