Cat with eyebrows becomes Instagram hit, Sam the Cat goes viral (Photo)

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Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows, as shown in the photos below; and he is now going viral at Instagram. Well, cats really have no eyebrows, but Sam‘s two black spots on his forehead appeared to be his eyebrows. His anonymous owner created him his own Instagram account, “samhaseyebrows.”

cat with eyebrows

Sam, the cat with eyebrows
Image Credit: Samhaseyebrows/Instagram

Sam. This is Sam. He has eyebrows.” A statement reads on the description at Sam the Cat‘s Instagram, which has 46 photos of Sam and nearly 6,400 followers as of this writing, and is being expected to increase rapidly; especially that he is also viral at social site Reddit, as well as on Twitter.

“I follow this guy on Instagram. Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows.” Reddit user wrote on his thread, which he started on Monday, January 28, 2013, along with a set of photos of the cute white cat. His owner also made him his own website,, which now reads “coming soon.”

Amusingly, Sam‘s photos at Instagram showing the cat’s eyebrows may somehow be compared to photos of humans. They seem to be expressing different moods: surprised, concerned, worried, and even begging, as if he is telling his owner to stop taking photos of him.

Below are some of the comments at Sam‘s Instagram account.

Sam has eyebrows…but the rest of his face is amazing too!!!”

“He looks so worried…”

“I think he has done some eyebrow tutorials.”

Sam is my favorite cat on Instagram. If you get bored with him, can I have him? Please!”

“That is so sweet! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of him though- just look at that face! Haha. If only you could see how crazy and playful he is!”

“Wow this is the sexiest cat I’ve ever see. hahaha”

Sam cat with eyebrows
Sam, the cat with eyebrows
Image Credit: Samhaseyebrows/Instagram

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