Cat Suckles from Dog: Amazing Friendship between Two Mortal Enemies (Video)

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A cat suckles from a dog as an amazing friendship is formed between the supposedly two mortal enemies. This was disclosed by its owner, Isa Roque, May 29, 2011.

Cat Suckling from Dog
Image Credit: Isa Roque

Both the dog and the cat were adopted by Roque since they were 3 months old. The German Spitz was adopted earlier before the cat, which was a stray one, came into the picture.  They grew together and apparently a bond was formed, with the assumption that they were siblings.

Roque revealed that Isa, the German Spitz, (yes it was named after her) would playfully bite the tail of the cat and chase him around the house. The cat likewise returned the favor by playfully clawing at the dog. Isa’s children could play with them simultaneously because they co-existed without any problems. The cat and dog were gentle with each other and oftentimes slept together.

This video shows the cat suckling from the dog’s breasts and the dog enjoying the attention.

Cat Suckles from Dog
Video credit: Isa Roque

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