Cat Born Without Leg Bones: Harvey walks using elbows (Video)

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A cat born without leg bones in his front limbs reportedly learned to walk using his elbows. The kitten, named Harvey, caught netizens’ attention after his owner placed him on sale at Gumtree website.

cat born without leg bones
Harvey, cat born without leg bones.
Image Credit: HEMEDIA

Daily Mail reported that Harvey is suffering from radial agenesis. According to the report, the kitten’s ulna and radius bones were missing as shown by x-ray results.

Harvey‘s missing bones reportedly connects the upper front legs and his paws.

With the help of the Cats Protection, an animal charity organization, Harvey will undergo surgery to replace his missing bones with metal.

Liz McCulloch, the cat’s 50-year-old caretaker, described Harvey as “a lovely little thing.” McCulloch further explains that,

Because Harvey was born that way he doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with him so he runs around on his elbows and happily plays with my other cat and dog.

He’s OK at the moment but if he doesn’t get the operation he’ll start to damage his spine when he gets bigger.

An anonymous buyer at Gumtree reportedly acquired Harvey and turned him over to Cats Protection in Glasgow. According to Lorraine Currie, co-ordinator of Cats Protection’s Glasgow branch,

A friend of the branch spotted him on Gumtree. It said in the advert he had two broken legs but when she got there he had no bones at all. She felt sorry for him and took him home but it became clear he needed a lot of treatment and that’s when we got involved.

Cats Protection workers took Harvey to a veterinarian for examination. He was diagnosed with the rare condition that usually happens when “an animal’s leg bones fail to develop.”

Harvey can only be operated when he reaches six months old. Reports say that these will provide enough time for the cat’s existing bones to strengthen and carry the weight of the pins.

Reports say that in just three days, Cats Protection was able to raise almost $5,000 for Harvey‘s operation when he reaches six months.

Below is a video of Harvey, the cat born without leg bones.

Harvey, the cat without front leg bones learns to walk using his elbows.
Video Credit: Daily Mail

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