Cars crash behind TV reporter Adrienne Pedersen caught on live WFLA TV news (Video)

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Two cars crashed behind a TV reporter in Florida on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, as shown in the video below, while reporting live from a gas station, about the rising gas prices.

Cars crash behind TV reporter, while reporting live
Image Credit: WFLA-TV video

As noted at US news sites on Wednesday, WFLA-TV‘s Adrienne Pedersen was reporting live that morning in front of a gas station in Tampa, Florida when the two cars collided in the intersection behind her.

Apparently, Pedersen seemed to have heard the noise created by the crash since it was audible enough but continued on her report, with anchorwoman Gayle Guyardo, who saw the incident later informed her.

“Spun out right behind you, did you see that Adrienne?” Guyardo asked Pedersen; as one of the cars was seen spinning out of control, with the former later joked that the drivers were “probably shocked by the high gas prices”.

“I didn’t, but now I did.” Pedersen replied, as she turned her back to see what happened and later said that the drivers are probably fine since they were both seen getting out from their cars.

About half an hour later, Pedersen reported that one is a taxi cab while the other one is a compact car, and although one of the drivers were brought to the hospital due to minor injuries, she noted that both drivers are fine.

Cars crashing behind a TV reporter
Video Credit: NewsFunnies/YouTube/WFLA-TV

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