Carnivorous Plants: Bladderworts Catches Prey In Half A Millisecond (video)

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Carnivorous Plants
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Bladderworts of the genus Utricularia are carnivorous plants that captures their prey in about half a millisecond using suction traps, according to a report by Wired Science.

According to plant physiologist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Lubomir Adamec, “Utricularia are the smallest of carnivorous plants and also, evidently, the most sophisticated.” These rootless and netlike plants have wineskin-shaped traps with its size measuring just a few millimeters.

The traps of the Bladderworts are underwater, and when its prey touches its sensitive hairs, the trap sucks it in together with the water that is drained through its walls.

Below is a video from Wired Science that shows how quick the Ultra Fast Carnivorous Plant sucks its prey.

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