Carnival Star Princess Captain Not Notified Of The Distressed Boaters, Cruise Line Says

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Carnival Star Princess cruise ship
Carnival Star Princess
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After one of its ships reportedly passed by a fishing boat without rendering aid on March 10 in which two men died later, Princess Cruises released a statement on Thursday, April 19, 2012, blaming “breakdown in communication” for the tragedy.

According to reports, Judy Meredith and two other avid birders were watching for seabirds aboard the Star Princess on March 10, when they saw the distressed boaters in a small fishing boat a couple of miles away in open waters off the Pacific Coast of Panama. They reportedly tried to inform the authorities on and off the ship, but no one came to the rescue until two weeks later.

According to the cruise line, neither Carnival Star Princess’ Capt. Edward Perrin nor the officer on watch had been notified of the incident. The company added that they “deeply regret” that the two men died at sea.

“Understandably, Captain Perrin is devastated that he is being accused of knowingly turning his back on people in distress. Had the captain received this information, he would have had the opportunity to respond,” the statement said.

“We all understand that it is our responsibility and also the law of the sea to provide assistance to any vessel in distress, and it is not an uncommon occurrence for our ships to be involved in a rescue at sea. In fact, we have done so more than 30 times in the last 10 years,” the statement added.

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