Carmageddon race bike vs plane, JetBlue Airways accepts challenge of Wolfpack Hustle cyclists

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Read Bike vs plane Carmageddon race, Wolfpack Hustle cyclists won over JetBlue Airways airplane

A carmageddon bike vs plane race is set to happen as 405 Freeway closes for 53 hours, and JetBlue Airways have already accepted the challenge.

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As noted at on Friday, July 15, 2011, Wolfpack Hustle cyclists and a JetBlue airplane will race on Saturday, July 16, 2011, which started as a joke by “Traffic” book author Tom Vanderbilt.

“Given airport travel time, security, runway delay, etc., I’d bet a good cyclist could travel BUR to LGB faster than Jet Blue.” Vanderbilt tweeted on Thursday.

The carmageddon race will start when the JetBlue flight departs from Burbank Airport on Saturday, July 16 at 12:20 PM (PST), while the Wolfpack Hustle cyclists will start at the same place at 11:05 AM (PST) on the same day.

According to, the 1:15 time difference was said to be for the airline’s recommended passenger arrival before departure, as the first one to reach the entrance of the Long Beach Airport shall win the race.

Cyclists will be required to follow all traffic laws but are allowed to take short-cuts, while Joe Anthony of Bike Commute News will cover the actual race live, boarding the JetBlue Airways flight.

Anthony said that he will posting at Twitter, upload videos and will use Instaggram to report real-time updates of the bike vs plane race, as well as any possible changes on the rules.

JetBlue noted that the flight distance is 29 miles with a flight time of 45 minutes; while the driving distance on freeways is 34 miles and the distance from Burbank to Long Beach is 38.2 miles.

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