Caps Lock Key Omitted on Google’s New Cr-48 Chrome OS Laptop Creates Buzz

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On Tuesday, the tech giant revealed its new Google Chrome OS laptop that is different from the traditional laptop. They revealed that they have omitted the caps lock key that makes some noise in the blogosphere, international reports said.

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Image Credit: Engadget

The caps lock key was replaced by the search key. However, according to Google, the caps lock key function is still available. Those who want to use caps lock will need to jump through a few hoops.

According to Google, “If you really need Caps Lock so you can post an INSIGHTFUL COMMENT ON YOUTUBE, click the wrench, click Settings, and then go to the System section to change the Modifier Key from a Search key to a Caps Lock key.”

The new Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop is also taking away function keys and spinning discs, but the caps lock key is getting all the attention.

The Cr-48 Chrome is a test notebook that Google designed for the Pilot program and was said to be the first of its kind.

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