Canoodle meaning confuses CTV anchor Andrew Johnson, lands on live TV blooper (Video)

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The meaning of the word “canoodle” recently confused a Canadian TV anchorman Andrew Johnson that caused a live TV blooper as shown in the video below, after he accidentally invited weather lady Astrid Braunschmidt in an awkward moment.

CTV anchor Andrew Johnson, asking Astrid
Braunschmidt if she wants to canoodle with him

Image Credit: CTV video

As noted at Canadian news sites on Thursday, August 23, 2012, Andrew Johnson asked Astrid Braunschmidt if she wants to canoodle with him before her report. He misunderstood the meaning of word “canoodle,” thinking that it meant “to chat” instead of “to kiss and caress” or “to pet or fondle”, according to

‘It’s time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid. Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it,” Johnson told Braunschmidt, who was surprised with his proposition he made on air.

“We’re not going to be canoodling. What?” Braunschmidt replied with confusion, and the TV producer can be heard explaining to Johnson the real meaning of the word. The anchorman was stunned with his mistake and defended his action.

“Oh, I thought canoodle meant chat” Johnson said, as his face freezes in embarrassment and both of them later burst into laughter. “Astrid, you are lucky there is a producer in my ear or I would have carried that on and on…Take it away — get me off camera.”

@CTVNewsAndrew: CTVNewsCheryl haha, public humiliation always worth it for a laugh. #smiling @CTVNewsCoralie dare we post it online??? Haha” Astrid Braunschmidt (@CTVNewsAstrid) tweeted later.

“Had the best laugh of my busy week after watching that “canoodling fiasco”. It makes everyone so human”me 2! Well…our boys, 5 & 10, now know the meaning of #canoodle. I thought I had a few years to explain. guess not.” Braunschmidt added.

CTV anchor Andrew Johnson, confused with the meaning of the word ‘canoodle’
Video Credit: FunnyLocalNews/YouTube/CTV

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