Candy Wrapper Prom Dress For Tara Frey Made Of Starburst Candy Wrapper (Photo)

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Candy Wrapper Prom Dress For Tara Frey
Candy Wrapper Prom Dress
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A candy wrapper prom dress was made for Tara Frey by her mother which she will be wearing on her prom on April 30, ABC News reported.

Kerin Frey, Tara’s mom, started weaving the dress six years ago after seeing another mom weaving gum wrappers as they watched their kids play hockey.

According to reports, Kerin would purchase 20 bags of Starburst candy at a time then she would hand out the candies to people and ask for the wrappers back. Friends in their community also contributed some Starburst wrapper to make the dress, matching shoes, bracelets, other accessories and even a vest for her prom date.

Paula Korbel, a friend helped Tara’s mom on how to put it together to make a tight weave. They folded each wrapper eight times, braided them together and sew them onto fabric to make it durable.

“It’s going to be fun. It’s something different and we’ve been working on it for years, so it’s worth it. It’s going to be a little bit too much attention, but hey, she worked hard on it,” said Tara, a senior at River Falls High School in River Falls, Wisconsin.

“Our theme for the prom is ‘Candyland,’ so kind of lucked out on that one,” Tara added.

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