Candy Crowley Slip: CNN correspondent calls Mitt Romney as ‘President Romney’ (Video)

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Candy Crowley slips calling Republican candidate Mitt Romney as “President Romney” on Sunday, November 4, 2012.

The Candy Crowley slip happened during Sunday’s State of the Union when the CNN correspondent was asking Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman. Crowley asked Portman, “You have in Ohio a jobless rate that is better than the nationwide jobless rate, and you have an auto bailout that the President put in place that’s highly popular. What is it in this state that makes you think that President Romney, uh, sorry, Governor Romney can overcome those particular statistics and the feel of the voters?”

Portman reportedly toyed with Crowley‘s slip by saying that “I like your Freudian slip on President Romney. That sounded good.”

Early voting results showed that US President Barack Obama is on his way to a second term at the White House. Political analysts believed that Obama‘s slim advantage can still be wiped out by Romney during Election Day on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

According to observers, the Candy Crowley slip may not be good for the ears of the incumbent president.

Candy Crowley slip calling Mitt Romney as “President Romney”
Video Credit: NewsPoliticsNow3/YouTube

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