Canada Confirmed Nuclear Leak Amidst Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

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Canada confirmed a nuclear leak last Wednesday, March 16, 2011 as reported by International news sites. According to Canadian authorities, 73,000 liters of radioactive water was released late Monday in Lake Ontario due to the nuclear plant’s pump seal failure.

Amidst the international fear about the nuclear crisis in Japan, the Canadian Commission on Nuclear Safety said that the leakage has no risk to the environment and to health, citing that the incident caused “negligible” radiation. It will not affect the water quality as it is a very low amount of leakage compared to what Japan is experiencing.

The Pickering nuclear plant is located near Toronto where it serves more than 2 million residents. The environmental regulators continue to monitor the situation despite the claim of Ontario Power Generation that they had stopped the leak as soon as they had discovered it.

With Japan’s Fukushima and Canada’s Pickering plant leakage, the world’s attention on the dangers of  nuclear power plants is once again on the rise. Debates over their safety are now in contention.

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