California Superstorm: A Massive Superstorm Dubbed As The “Big One” Is Not True?

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Superstorm Image Taken On Oct. 2010
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A California superstorm predicted by scientists created a stir over the internet and was said to be not true.

According to, the information released by a well-known Internet site and other outlets were premature and irresponsible.

“The titles are premature and irresponsible”, said TWS Meteorologist Kevin Martin. “Any outlet that deems scares the living daylights out of the public with false titles should lose credibility. The fact is, it is a scenario, not an actual storm coming as we speak”.

Reports said that more than 100 scientists and experts have said that California may face the risk of a massive superstorm which was dubbed as the “Big One“. It was said to be the most destructive storm in California‘s modern history.

In addition to this, it was said that it could flood quarter of the states homes and could last for 40 days which will be causing a $300 billion worth of flooding damage.

According to Martin, media outlets tends to make exciting titles to their story just to create hysteria to generate the maximum amount of hits in their websites.

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