California says Apple should pay Steve Jobs $37.91 for unclaimed property

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Apple Inc. should pay Steve Jobs $37.91 for an unclaimed property, according to California State Controller’s Office on Friday. The screen shot of the memo can be seen below.

As published on its official website, a notice dated December 10, 2010 states that Apple should pay its CEO Steve Jobs $37.91 for an unclaimed property # 013194721, based on their records.

Apparently, California State Controller John Chiang explained on that post that Apple seems to owe Steve Jobs $37.91 for a property in California, which the latter have not claimed some 30 years ago.

A California law in August 2007 was implemented stating that the State Controller will send notices to property owners before their property will be transferred to the State; according to Mr. Chiang.

Incidentally, the law also added that State Controller’s priority to inform property owners are those who had never received a notice because they were not able to contact them in those times.

However, the notice to Steve Jobs did not mention what type of property was involved.

Aside from the online notice made by California State Controller, it was believed that the news was discussed in a post at entitled ‘Apple Has No Idea Where Steve Jobs Is’.

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