California 2010 Election Results Update: Jerry Brown wins as Governor

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The 2010 US Midterm Elections is over. However, people are still confused on about the California Election results, especially Proposition 19 or Prop 19. People are still wondering if Proposition 19 has been approved by the electorate.

Other International news sites have reported that Proposition 19 was not approved during the 2010 California Elections. According to the Secretary of State of California website:

Proposition 19

Legalizes Marijuana Under California but Not Federal Law. Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana. Initiative Statute.

However, the website of the Secretary of State of California has not provided enough information if Proposition 19 was voted by the electorate.

In the senate race, Senator Barbara Boxer wins against Carly Fiorina. Republican Steve Cooley won over Democrat Kamala Harris. Democrat Gavin Newsom defeated Republican Abel Maldonado. Democrat Debra Bowen beats Republican challenger Damon Dunn in the battle for Secretary of State. And finally, Jerry Brown wins as California governor.

Proposition 19 has been controversial due to the fact that there is not enough registered voters to vote for it. Tthe demographics of the voting population of California clearly shows that the voting population for the Proposition 19 is so small.

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