Cadbury Somerdale plant in Keynsham to be closed down by Kraft soon

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The Cadbury plant in Keynsham will be shutting down its production in a few days that will lead to 400 job losses , according to international news sites. The Somerdale plant, originally built by the Fry family, has been open since 1919.

American food company, Kraft, had taken over Cadbury in February 2010 and promised to keep the production site open. Unfortunately, after only a few days of taking over Cadbury, Kraft issued a statement that it will be closing down its Keynsham plant and transfer its production to Poland.

The controversial announcement by Kraft was highly criticized by the Takeover Panel, citing that Kraft did not provide accurate information to its investors.

After the plant closure, around 50 people will be left behind until March 2011 to handle the maintenance of the site.

Here is part of statement released by Kraft on the closure of its Somerdale plant:

There won’t be any ceremony to mark the final bar coming off the line.

It would be very hard to define what is the final bar – we make hundreds at a time and if it’s near the end of a production run we will not know which bars end up as suitable for distribution.

The Cadbury Somerdale plant produces the Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Dairy Milk, Chocolate Buttons, Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, Cadbury’s Fudge, Chomp and the Crunchie. According to reports, the last chocolates being produced at the site are Double Decker bars.

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