Bus hits overpass: Harvard University students injured in Boston bus accident

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A bus hits an overpass of the Western Avenue Bridge in Soldiers Field Road, reportedly a major crosstown parkway in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday night, February 2, 2013.

Bus hits overpass in Boston
Bus hits overpass
Credit: Boston Fire Department via Twitter

The 1996 Calvary Coach bus was said to be carrying over 36 passengers, majority were Harvard University high school students when the crash occurred.

According to the Boston Fire Department and State Police, the bus crash resulted to multiple people being injured, who were trapped inside the vehicle.

Passengers inside the dilapidated bus were freed up through the joint efforts by firefighters, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and State Police. The rescue efforts was reportedly finished at 9 p.m..

A Boston EMS spokeswoman reported that there were 33 passengers injured in the crash.

Authorities explained that the bus came from a school tour and was already sending home its passengers to Bristol Township, Bucks County.

As of posting, the owner of the Calvary Coach bus and Harvard University officials have not issued any statement about the incident.

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