Burqa Ban In France First European Country To Ban Wearing The Islamic Head-To-Toe Covering

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burqa ban

Women Wearing Burqa
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ABC News reported that France will ban wearing burqa in public which will take effect today.

The controversial burqa ban was said to be the first in the European Union to ban the full-face veils.

According to reports, anyone caught wearing burqa in public could be fined $216 and for men who will forced women to wear burqa will get a much bigger fine of $43,000.

Meanwhile, some critics said that burqa ban is an anti-Islamic act. However, President Nicholas Sarkozy said that wearing burqa is not a religious symbol, but a symbol of enslavement.

Reports said that the French government argues the clothing violates the principles of equality for its citizens which imposes a threat to public safety. It was said that criminals abused the burqa for covering their face.

“The face is a dignity of a person. The face is your passport, so when you refuse me to see you, I am a victim,” said Jacques Myard, a conservative member of parliament who supports the burqa ban.

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