Burger King mascot “The King” retires, to release new California Whopper ad campaign

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Updated: September 25, 2012 1:00 a.m.

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Burger King mascot “The King” will officially retire this weekend, with the food chain to launch a new ad campaign this coming Saturday, August 2011.

Burger King mascot “The King”
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According to Burger King Corp. on its official website on Friday, a new advertising campaign will be released which will focus on its latest menu, the California Whopper sandwich.

As noted on the report, the first of the ads series will be launched this Saturday and will be shown in TV commercials across the US, produced by its new advertising agency, McGarry Bowen.

“Our consumers tell us they love our great-tasting, high-quality food, and that’s exactly what we’re featuring in our new marketing and advertising,” Burger King North America Marketing SVP Alex Macedo said on the report.

“The combination of our flavorful food with McGarryBowen‘s innovative thinking launches a strong, creative partnership that positions the Burger King brand for future growth,” Macedo added.

Apparently, the new Burger King ad will highlight the quality of the California Whopper sandwich and will take a closer look on each of its ingredients including fresh avocados, ripe tomatoes and fire-grilled beef, among others.

Burger King noted that the the California Whopper sandwich and Whopper Jr., which will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $4.49 and $2.19, respectively, will be available for a limited time only.

Meanwhile, Burger King spokesman Miguel Piedra confirmed to reports the retirement of mascot “The King“, which appeared at Burger King print ads in 1955 and was transformed into a pop culture icon in 2003.

“That’s not to say that in the future, we don’t introduce him in some other form. But our new marketing approach is more food-centric.” Piedra was quoted as saying at Los Angeles Times.

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