Burger King mascot prank visit at McDonald’s in Georgia, gives away free burgers, goes viral (Video)

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A so-called “Burger King mascot prank” recently made a visit at McDonald’s branch in Rome, Georgia and gives away free burgers, as shown in the video below, which is now viral. It has been reported at major news sites such as CBS Atlanta, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Huffington Post, among others.

Burger King mascot prank McDonald's

Burger King mascot prank inside a McDonald’s
branch, giving away a free burger to a customer

Image Credit: The Woodcreek Faction video

As noted at Rome News-Tribune on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Rome Police reported that a man dressed as a Burger King mascot, known as “The King,” went inside the said McDonald’s branch in 2215 Shorter Ave. at around 1.p.m. that day. He danced with some customers and even had photos with a child.

According to the report, a manager of McDonald’s approached the “Burger King mascot prank” and asked why he is inside their restaurant. The unidentified man told the lady manager that he was raising money for children’s charity, but could not explain clearly how he can raise money by giving away free burgers.

Nevertheless, the manager noted that he saw the man removed his mask and described him as a middle age white male with dark hair. He was not arrested because he had left the area before the authorities arrived, boarding his ‘Whoppermobile’ which was said to be a 2001 white Acura.

Meanwhile, a “surreal comedy group” called The Woodcreek Faction uploaded a related YouTube video also that day, which is also included in the earlier report. As described in the video, none of the McDonald’s employees attempted to question the supposed Burger King mascot, and no one even asked him to leave.

Apparently, the manager can be heard in the video questioning the man, who was believed to be inside his vehicle on the parking lot and is about to leave the place. At one point, the man was said to be reaching out his hand to shake the hands of the manager, but she refused and said that she will call the police.

As of this writing, McDonald’s and Burger King have not released any official statement on the incident. However, it is sure that it was a prank mascot since Burger King announced back in August 2011 that their mascot “The King” will retire soon, and that they will focus on their new menu, the California Whopper sandwich.

Burger King mascot prank visit at McDonald’s
Video Credit: TheWoodcreekFaction/YouTube

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