Bunny suit ban imposed to Idaho man after complaints of scaring small children

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A man in Idaho Falls has been banned by local police recently from wearing his bunny suit after receiving complaints that he allegedly scared small children.

William Falkingham, the “bunny man”
Image Credit: Gawker.com

According to US news sites on Tuesday, August 2, 2011, Idaho Falls police ordered 34-year-old William Falkingham to stop wearing his bunny suit in public after his neighbors complained.

As noted in the reports, Falkingham wears a black bunny suit and occasionally wears a tutu with it then hides behind a tree within his property; and later pointing his fingers to small children that passes by.

Police officials talked to his neighbors and one of them said her son had been frightened by the “bunny man” and apparently being a public nuisance, and noted that Falkingham should stop doing his habit.

Although a female neighbor defended him and said that she sees nothing wrong with it, Falkingham was said to have agreed not to wear his bunny costume anymore.

However, he told the police that he has no intention of harming or scaring his neighbors’ children but noted that he understands their concerns.

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