Bunnies attacking cars at Denver Airport, eating car parts, repair causing thousands of dollars

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Bunnies have been attacking cars at the parking lot of Denver International Airport (DIA). The rabbits have been eating car parts, including spark plug cables and other wires; and have been causing thousands of dollars for car repairs. Small pellets and furs were found as evidences, proving that bunnies are the perpetrators.

rabbit under car Denver airport

Rabbit under a car at Denver airport
Image Credit: CBS 4 Denver video

As noted at CBS 4 Denver on Thursday, February 14, 2013, the USDA Wildlife Service has been removing at least 100 rabbits from the airport parking space very month, but the measure is not solving the problem. Insurance companies are not anymore willing to repay costs of the car damages caused by the bunnies.

“They like to chew on the insulator portion of the ignition cables. That’s what we see. That wiring harness has all the wiring for the car so it can run from the hundreds into the thousands depending on where the harness is damaged.” Wiley Faris, spokesman of car repair service center Arapahoe Autotek told the report.

“We have found a good deterrent is predator urine, you can pick up fox urine at any pro hunting shop.” Faris added, recommending drivers to use coyote urine as coating for the wiring on their cars, with DIA saying that more than 11,720 cars are being parked on their parking lot every day.

On the other hand, USAirport Parking, DIA‘s parking space management has also thought of a solution to the problem, wherein they said they will be installing new fencing so that rabbits will find it more difficult to go under the cars. DIA noted that they have been receiving complaints on bunnies attacking cars since 2009.

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