Brown Recluse Spider Slowly Spreading On The United States?

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Brown Recluse Spider
brown recluse spider
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The brown recluse spider is slowly spreading to “a town near you,” a study by graduate student Erin Saupe of University of Kansas predicted, according to a Daily Mail article on Monday, March 12, 2012.

According to the report, Saupe predicts a possible migration of the spider by 2020, in which it could move further north towards portions of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York. Saupe reportedly used computer modeling to predict how the spider’s habitat might move.

Fear for the spider increased after a report on Texas Christian University student Nikki Perez surfaced, in which she was reportedly bitten by the brown recluse on September 2011 and lost part of her ear and nearly lost her eye sight.

Perez was bitten at the Amarillo airport and was later hospitalized for 5 days. Reports said that her head swelled to twice its normal size and she needed skin grafting to rebuild the part of her ear which rotted from necrosis.

Meanwhile, Rick Vetter, an expert of the brown recluse spider reportedly said that such media reports use “scare tactics,” and 90% of the time, a bite causes nothing more than a red mark on the skin.

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