Bronx Zoo Peacock On The Loose In New York (Photo)

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Bronx Zoo Peacock
Bronx Zoo Peacock
Image Credit: New York Daily News

Bronx Zoo peacock, a brightly colored bird, is reportedly on the loose in New York since Monday, May 9, 2011.

According to several international news sites, the Green Peahen escaped three zoo workers who tried to catch her using a net while on top of a parked van on Morris Park Avenue. The peacock flew when the Bronx zoo workers tried to close in on her and hide itself tall grass around the corner. It was last seen at E. 180th St. subway station.

“We’ll get her eventually,” said Nancy Clum, Bronx zoo Curator of Ornithology.

The peacock, with a colorful green plume crown,  measures around three feet long. Officials say that the bird roam freely inside the zoo since the birds are no danger to humans.

In March 2011, a Bronx Zoo cobra made headlines when it disappeared for six days in her Reptile House cage.

Bronx Zoo is operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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