Bronx Zoo missing cobra joins Twitter, as zoo officials search continue

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The Egyptian cobra that was reported on Monday to have been missing from Bronx Zoo in New York since Saturday now joins Twitter, as zoo officials continue to search for the deadly reptile.

Egyptian cobra, same as the
one reportedly missing

Image Credit: @BronxZoosCobra/Getty

Apparently, an unknown individual made fun of the Bronx Zoo missing cobra and created an account @BronxZoosCobra on Tuesday, March 29, 2011, and even used a photo of a cobra similar to that was reportedly missing.

The Twitter account, which says that the location of the missing cobra is ‘not at the Bronx Zoo‘ and even left an email address, has already 33,667 followers as of this writing.

“I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.” @BronxZoosCobra’s first tweet.

“I should take in a Broadway show. Anyone heard anything about this “Spiderman” musical?” @BronxZoosCobra tweets again.

Nevertheless, below are some of the other hilarious tweets of the ‘Bronx Zoo missing cobra‘.

“A lot of people are asking how I can tweet with no access to a computer or fingers. Ever heard of an iPhone? Duh.”

Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?”

“Dear @CharlieSheen, know what’s better than tiger’s blood? Cobra venom. Also I’m 20 inches long. Just sayin’.”

“Want to clear up a misconception. I’m not poisonous as has been reported. I’m venomous. Super venomous, but not poisonous so don’t worry.”

But on the serious side, reports said that it may take days or even weeks before the venomous cobra can be found and be brought back to the Bronx Zoo, according to the zoo officials.

“Our best strategy is patience, allowing her time to come out of hiding,” Bronx Zoo director Jim Breheny was quoted as saying.

“We understand the interest in this story and that everyone wants us to find the missing snake. Right now, it’s the snake’s game,” Mr. Breheny said in a statement on Monday as posted at Bronx Zoo‘s official website.

The missing Egyptian cobra, which measures about 20 inches only but still considered as dangerous, was said to be uncomfortable in open places and zoo staff told reports that it may still be hiding somewhere near the Reptile House.

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