Bronx Zoo Cobra Is Uncomfortable In Open Areas

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Bronx Zoo Cobra
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Bronx zoo cobra, an adolescent Egyptian snake, from the Bronx Zoo Reptile House in New York has been reported missing earlier.

Several reports say that an Egyptian cobra are not comfortable in open areas and they might still be inside the Bronx reptile house.

Bronx officials has brushed off public fears about the missing cobra by saying that the “snake is secure within the Reptile House.” They further explained that the cobra is inside an enclosure that is not accessible to the public.

An Egyptian cobra has a large, broad head and broad snout. A single bite is so deadly with its venom quantity ranging from 175 to 200 mg, enough to cause nerve disorder, heart and lung failure or a complete respiratory failure.

Below is the statement issued by the Bronx Zoo officials.

After learning the snake was missing yesterday afternoon, we immediately closed and secured the building as we took steps throughout the evening to recover the snake.

We are informing the public out of an abundance of caution and will continue to take whatever steps necessary to ensure public safety.

We are confident that the snake is secure within the Reptile House. To understand the situation, you have to understand snakes. Upon leaving its enclosure, the snake would feel vulnerable and seek out a place to hide and feel safe.

When the snake gets hungry or thirsty it will start to move around the building. Once that happens, it will be our best opportunity to recover it.


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