Bronx Cobra Name Is Mia For “Missing In Action”

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Mia, The Bronx Cobra
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Mia was voted as the Bronx Cobra name in the recently concluded online poll, according to the New York Daily News.

Mia is an inspired acronym of the phrase “missing in action” as the Bronx Zoo Cobra went missing for six days.

When the Egyptian cobra was found, an online poll was sponsored by The Daily News together with the Wildlife Conservation Society that operates the Bronx Zoo to give a name to the Bronx Cobra.

The online poll got 60,000 votes and generated about 34,000 entries that was short listed to five names.

Mia got 27 percent of the total votes and won over other names that includes the following:

  • Agnes – Greek name meaning “pure” or “holy” and refers also to St. Agnes,
  • Amaunet – the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess that means “female hidden one,”
  • Cleopatra – the Egyptian queen who died due to a snake bite,
  • Subira – Egyptian word for “patient.” Zoo officials ultimately selected the name Mia from the final five.

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