Broncos Male Cheerleader Hopeful Fails Audition (Video)

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Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders 2011
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Sacha Heppell failed to become the first Denver Broncos male cheerleader during an audition held last Sunday, April 15, 2012, according to reports by several international news sites.

Reports say that Heppell’s lack of formal dancing experience may have cost him the chance to become the Broncos male cheerleader.

There were about 200 individuals who auditioned as Broncos cheerleader. These candidates were divided into several groups, and were asked by the panel of judges to perform specific dance moves. Among those who auditioned, 60 were selected for the next round of audition on Sunday, April 22.

According to Teresa Shear, Broncos Director of Cheerleaders, the cheerleader spot is “an open call. So anyone can show up and try out.” She explained that the final decisions are based on the candidate’s dancing ability.

After failing to make the cut, Heppel vowed to come back again for next year’s audition.

Sacha Heppell auditions to become Denver Broncos first male cheerleader
Image Credit: KUSA TV

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