British Prime Minister David Cameron gets own coffee in Italy cafe, after waitress told him to do so

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British Prime Minister David Cameron got his own coffee in a café bar in Italy on Sunday, July 31, 2011, after the waitress told him to do so.

According to British news sites on Monday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is spending a holiday in Tuscany, along with his family when the incident happened.

As noted on reports, Mr. Cameron, his wife Samantha and a Downing Street aide went to the Dolcenero Cafe bar in the town of Montevarchi, Tuscany, with the British couple wearing simple clothes.

“He was wearing blue shirt and blue trousers and looked like any other British tourist. Nobody really knew who he was.” Local TV reporter Giustino Bonci reportedly said.

Apparently, the 44-year old British prime minister went inside the car bar and ordered two cappuccinos and an espresso but the waitress, who did not recognize him, told him to get his own coffee.

“I was rushing around, really busy, so when he asked me to bring over the coffees I told him he would have to do it himself.” Waitress Francesca Ariani was quoted on reports.

“It was only later that I was told who they were, and now I’m really embarrassed,” the waitress added, noting that Mr. Cameron paid the €3.10 (£2.71) bill with a €50 note but did not left a tip.

Ariani, 27, later apologized to the British leader, who was said to be staying in a £9,700-a-week house in Villa Petrolio with his family and met the mayor of Montevarchi.

British Prime Minister David Cameron with wife Samantha/Waitress Francesca Ariani (right)
Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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