British Museum Wants To Lift A Rare World War Two Era German Dornier 17 Bomber

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German Dornier 17 aircraft
German Dornier 17 aircraft
found on British coast

Image Credit: Port of London Authority/Reson

A British meseum wants to raise for collection a rare World War Two era German bomber that has been discovered on shifting seabed off British coast.

The lost German Dornier 17 bomber was said to have sunk some 50ft to the bottom of the English Channel after being shot down during the Battle of Britain, Dailymail reported.

Reports said that the German Dornier 17 bomber was hidden for years by shifting sands at the bottom of the sea and believed to be the last known example of its kind. It was discovered last month by the help of high-tech sonar equipment undertaken by the Port of London Authority (PLA) vessel.

BBC obtained some records pertaining to the downed aircraft which was said to be Dornier 17 Z-2 with serial number 1160, of number 7 squadron, 3 Group, third Bomber Wing and was hit on August 26, 1940.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) museum at Hendon in London has launched an appeal to raise funds for the lifting operation of the Dornier 17 aircraft.

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