British Environment Minister ‘opposes’ ban of selling of cloned meat?

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British Environment Minister Caroline Spelman ‘opposes’ the ban of selling cloned meat, despite the fact that there was a warning about food safety, according to Daily Mail UK on Friday.

According to the report, the government official wants to allow the unrestricted sale of meat and milk from cloned animals.

Spelman, who was appointed as Secretary of State in Environment by UK Prime Minister David Cameron last May, was hinted in a recent meeting with National Farmer’s Union to most likely reject the ban to sell cloned meat.

Apparently, this is the first time that the public has learned about a policy from the new Coalition government that seem to be supporting clone farming.

Although majority of people are still doubtful if it will be safe for human consumption, reports say that selling of cloned meat legally may begin within a couple of new months from now.

As noted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) which is a non-government organization in UK that specialize animal welfare, new-born clones may have a high levels of miscarriage, gigantism, and organ failure.

“The government considers that a ban or a temporary suspension on cloning, the use of cloned animals and the marketing of food from cloned animals would be disproportionate in terms of food safety and animal welfare.” A portion from a document published by the Food Standards Agency also revealed.

Earlier, the European Commission have submitted a proposal to have a temporary five-year ban on the sale of meat and milk from clones.

However, an advisory from the UK Government apparently said that on their point of view, there meat and milk from clone animals has no difference from the ‘real’ ones.

“It (cloned meat) was unlikely to present any food safety risk.” The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes said.

Nevertheless, experts reportedly admitted there was a lack of safety research and that the policy to allow the selling of cloned meat did not go into a public consultation.

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