Bristle Worms Swarm Over Florida Beach (Video)

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Bristle worms
Image Credit: St. Augustine Record

Bristle worms were caught on video, swimming in Vilano Beach in Florida, according to a report by St. Augustine Record.

St. Augustine police were surprised to see the massive number of bristle worms over the beach.

According to Dr. Quinton White, Marine Biologist professor at Jacksonville University, the bristle worms appeared on the waters of Florida because they are mating. He explained that this scenario happens annually as the salt water warms up.

The bristle worms are about 1-inch to about 20 inches in length. Majority of the bristle worms come in orange and  two-tone color. Larger bristle worms are colored gray or brownish.

Bristle worms are nocturnal and usually live in the sand or within the live rock.

Below is a video of Bristle worms posted by Sun Sentinel.

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